Don’t Be caught Off Gaurd

Uncategorized / Friday, April 20th, 2018

Florence, Kentucky (April 19th, 2018)- Being in the healthcare industry can be difficult for many reasons. Employees often feel as if they aren’t treated fairly and talk may begin in the workplace. Employees may think they need to seek outside help to fix their issues instead of being able to talk to management about how they are feeling. If this is the case, employees may feel as if unionization is the only true way to solve their problems, but that will create many more for the employers.


Don’t be caught off guard if this is happening in your company. There are ways to check to see how susceptible your company is to unionizing, such as the vulnerability quiz found on the ANHS website. ANHS is a union avoidance company that offers a free quiz for employers to take to assess their business. A score will be generated and a written assessment to let you know where you stand. If the results don’t look too good, don’t worry because they have numerous strategic and urgent services to take advantage of as well.


ANHS has over 30 years of experience in their field and specializes in working with the healthcare field. There is a specific vulnerability quiz designed for healthcare professionals, tailoring the questions to be slightly different than that of the non-healthcare field. They know which questions to ask in order to see if there are any existing or future issues. Check out the free vulnerability quiz today on their website to ensure no problems are to arise within your company.


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